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Professor Emerita of Sociology.
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Current Volume: Volume 2 (2016) Civil Engagement of the Future: Creating Liveable Communities in Increasingly Aging and Diverse Racial-Ethnic Societies

The theme of Volume Two, Civil Engagement of the Future: Creating Liveable Communities, is one of the most crucial topics of the 21st Century. Addressing this theme is especially important in developed societies where populations are getting older. In general, older people in these societies are healthier. Many elders wish to live independently for as long as they can yet be in contact with their children and grandchildren. In societies where many people have few children, generational trees get higher but become slimmer. Having increasingly elderly populations in developed societies is a demographic change that will shape social life in many countries in coming decades of the 21st century. This demographic change, along with the increasing racial-ethnic diversity of the populations in many countries, raises a concern about how engaged residents can create "liveable communities".

This volume of SBG also contains an additional section entitled Etcetera, which aims to supplement the articles and other work we have published therein. Individuals, groups, and organizations all over the world are working to improve the lives of others in the communities in which they live and elsewhere. In the Etcetera section readers will find examples and brief descriptions of innovative communities, social activism, research findings, and books which will get them to think further about the theme of civil engagement of the future and ways to improve the diverse social, cultural, and ecological environments which humans share.

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