The Alembic



Volume LXVII, Number 1 - Spring 1988. 49 pages including covers and advertisements.


  • Toole, Robert P. "Seeds"
  • Grossi, Joseph "View from a Window"
  • McGuire, Mary Catherine A. "Upon Being Asked to Write About Money"
  • Shaw, Victor H. "The Crystal Forest"
  • Meis, Timothy "The Irish Ferry"
  • Robinson, Charles "To An Artist Lost at Sea"
  • DeNegre, Pete "Cancer"
  • O'Grady, Thomas "The Ballad of Jonathan and Everly"
  • Conelly, Laureen A. "A Tear"
  • Suzuki, H. "DAREDEVIL (for Maria)"
  • Cohen, Mark "During the Nuclear Holocaust (I Toasted Marshmallows"
  • Meis, Timothy "Nightlight"
  • Perel, Marissa L. "I'm Pete Rose"
  • Goglia, Michelle "untitled"
  • Sullivan, Terence J. "untitled"
  • Berardo, Michael "True Colors"
  • O'Malley, Paul "Confirmation: May 1949"
  • Smith, Jeff "Dishmachine"
  • Aronne-Amnestoy, Lida "Apocastastasis"
  • Straub,Sr. Leslie E., O.P. "Apocatastasis: English translation"
  • Barron, Fr. William C., O.P. "Lieutenant's Island Wind"
  • Wesseley, Heather " Autumn"
  • McGuire, Mary Catherine A. "Across the Lines"
  • Toole, Robert P. "Ring Around"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Crashing for the Camels"
  • Sadowski, Marianne "Why I Want to Live"
  • Barron, Fr. William C., O.P. "Tiger Cat"
  • Motta, Sue Anne "Short Story"
  • Carberry, Marcella "Honey You Were Good"
  • Donogan, Kathleen "She Could Be the Woman Levin Married"
  • Mullins, Catherine L. "You Look at Me Over Her"
  • Sadowsli, Marianne " The Comfort of Drowning"
  • Robinson, Charles "The Color Red"

Photographs (in order of appearance)

  • Berardo, Michael
  • Lanoue, Chris
  • Lanoue, Chris
  • Berardo, Michael
  • Lanoue, Chris
  • Berardo, Michael
  • Berardo, Michael
  • Berardo, Michael "The finale"


  • Berardo, Michael
  • Lanoue, Chris
  • Carberry, Marcella "Honey You Were Good"
  • Robinson, Charles "The Color Red"


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Spring 1988





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