The Alembic



Volume LXX, Number 1 - Spring 1991. 65 pages including covers and advertisements.

  • Editor - Tinaro, Robert
  • Assistant Editor - Pavao, Maria D.
  • Editorial Staff - Tata, Michael; Glover, Krissie; Camlet, Kim
  • Academic Co-Advisor - Barretti, Dina M.
  • Faculty Advisor - Gander, Forrest

Table of Contents

  • Van Buren, Edward "Cosa Nostra"
  • Tata, Michael "Vous #2"
  • Tinaro, Robert "Eve"
  • Tomei, John "Ice Cube"
  • Barnum, Tom "Spirit of the Heart"
  • Boyle, David "Untitled"
  • Weslowski, Dieter "The Devil & Me"
  • Weslowski, Dieter "I Always Say,"
  • Camlet, Kim "Well Beyond 126"
  • Homan, Pamela "Untitled"
  • Benoit, Guy "Untitled"
  • Van Buren, Edward "Poem"
  • Stevens, Barbara "Split Ends"
  • Nelson, Kimberly "Photograph"
  • Tinaro, Robert "Photograph"
  • Fleuckiger, Joe "Photograph"
  • Fleuckiger, Joe "Photograph"
  • Fleuckiger, Joe "Photograph"
  • Bellotti, Mike "Photograph"
  • Bellotti, Mike "Photograph"
  • Toomey, Tom "Photograph"
  • Gander, Forrest "Talk in the Dark Pantoum"
  • Toole, Robert "Career Hopping"
  • Pavao, Maria "Boogie Men"
  • Danielson, Hugh "Sweet Nada"
  • Olahan, Tom "The Mother"
  • Tata, Michael "Portmanteau"
  • Wilmarth, Richard "events"
  • Wilmarth, Richard "rolling over"
  • Grey, John "Wind Woman"
  • Yattaw, Demian "Hero's Welcome"
  • O'Hara,T. "Otis"
  • reynolds, d.d.m. "Erased Wordsworth"
  • Trainor, Sean "I am in Kindergarten and I know"
  • Collette, Linda "Sorrow"
  • Van Buren, Edward "The Mud of the Streets"
  • Toole, Robert "Making Returns"
  • Carnevale, Frank " "in my pocket" "
  • Krapf, Fred "Parable of the Soda Pop"


Providence College


Spring 1991





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