The Alembic



Volume LXXI, Number 1 - Spring 1992. 92 pages including covers and advertisements.

  • Byrnes, Brendan "Abstract Cubism"
  • Patrick, Christian "Untitled"
  • Eudenbach, Michael "Milk the Cows"
  • Wilmarth, Richard "Missing the Spotlight"
  • Weslowski, Dieter "For the Re-Membered Buddha"
  • Whitehead, Gary "Easter Sunday"
  • Martineau, Teresa "Stone Angel"
  • Lawlor, Mill "Speaking in Tongues"
  • Byrnes, Brendan "Lymphomaniac"
  • Burrell, Nicole "An Upstairs Room"
  • Weslowski, Dieter "Three Silvered Beats"
  • Day, Patrick "Rain"
  • Parella, Andrea "Ice Cube"
  • Craven, Nancy "Our Daily Bread"
  • O'Brien, James "At the Diner"
  • Jordan, Ray "Lateral Lines"
  • Wachtel, Jason "Photograph"
  • Shannon, Jessica "Photograph"
  • Lawlor, Mill "Photograph"
  • Molnar, Glen "Photograph"
  • Shannon, Jessica "Photograph"
  • Parrella, Andrea "Photograph"
  • Shannon, Jessica "Photograph"
  • Terkildsen, Christine "Photograph"
  • McGrath, Jon "Grainstacks"
  • Camlet, Kim "RIPtide"
  • O'Hare, Cara "I Bet You Thought This Was"
  • Parrella, Andrea "We Share A Room"
  • Camlet, Kim "Jagadish Seat"
  • Santagelo, Dave "Engaged"
  • Alsfeld, Kristen "Phantom"
  • O'Hare, Cara "S. Goldstein"
  • Tata, Mike "No One"
  • Jordan, Mike "When Vowels Double Park"
  • Hirsch, Veronica "Critic's Choice"
  • Jordan, Ray "Pied Piper Sonnet"
  • Meny, Michele " "The Swing" "
  • Tata, Mike "When Vowels Double Park"
  • Hirsch, Veronica "Critic's Choice"
  • Jordan, Ray "Eleven o Six"
  • Patrick, Christian "Eight Three Nine"
  • Burrill, Nicole "Ink"
  • Trainor, Paul "Untitled"
  • Tata, Mike "Kierkegaard Finally Flips"
  • Clark, Brian "Untitled"
  • Weslowski, Dieter "In March One Day"
  • Byrnes, Brendan "Residues"
  • O'Brien, James "The Kitchen Is Always Open"


Providence College


Spring 1992





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