The Alembic


Spring 1995



Spring 1995. 117 pages including covers and advertisements.


  • Reidy, Kim "Artwork"
  • Thompson, Holly "A Request"
  • Weslowski, Dieter "Tree"
  • Schiffigens, Karl "Jam"
  • Tsimikas, Evodoxia S. "The Gileko of Paradose"
  • Colonna, Judith "Attention"
  • Avedian, Jennifer "Poetry Slam"
  • McSidewalk, Lippy "Untitled"
  • Roche, Chris "Urban Blight"
  • Tata, Mike "Filet be Boeuf en Sandwich"
  • Baerman, Colin "Red Bulb"
  • Southward, Megan "The Other One"
  • Quinn, Michael "Death"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Dawn"
  • Colonna, Judith "City Silence"
  • Walsh, Bridget "Sleep Talking"
  • Palmisciano, Ann Marie "the man upstairs"
  • Jackson, Heather "Harvest Moon"
  • Roche, Chris "Grades"
  • McSidewalk, Lippy "One Happy Monday Morning Part III"
  • Clarkin, Marc "My Best Friend"
  • Parks, Matt "Untitled"
  • Baerman, Colin "Tick Tapping"
  • Weslowski, Deiter "Two Views of Endorphin"
  • Kelly, Michael "Untitled"
  • Tata, Mike "Bourgeois Poem"
  • Donohoe, Susan "Her Voice"
  • DiCicco, Pasha "Insomnia"
  • Roche, Chris "Hypocrisy"
  • Kelly, Brian "A Pretty Flowered Couch On 172 Oakland Ave."
  • McSidewalk, Lippy "Color Cloak of Death"
  • Schiffgens, Karl "Beard"
  • Colonna, Judith "Mitt"
  • Baerman, Colin "The Cube"
  • Jackson, Heather "Eyes"
  • Tata, Mike "Concerning the Integer Status of Fractions and Repeating Decimals"
  • DiCicco, Pasha "Extinguished"
  • Weslowski, Deiter "What the Australian Poet Said"


  • Reidy, Kim "Artwork"
  • Colonna, Judith "Double Exposure"
  • Colonna, Judith "Low Key"
  • Colonna, Judith "French Lights"
  • Watkins, Ben E. "Untitled"
  • Colonna, Judith "French Trash"
  • Watkins, Ben E. "Untitled"
  • Colonna, Judith "Grain"
  • Colonna, Judith "Grain"
  • Avula, Kavita "Untitled"
  • Colonna, Judith "Monet's Driveway"
  • Colonna, Judith "Belgium Forest"
  • Avula, Kavita "Untitled"
  • Avula, Kavita "Untitled"
  • Donohoe, Debbie "Untitled"
  • Colonna, Judith "Untitled"
  • Perez, J. P. "Untitled"
  • Perez, J. P. "Untitled"
  • Avula, Kavita "Untitled"
  • Watkins, Ben E. "Untitled"
  • Avula, Kavita "Untitled"
  • Perez, J. P. "Untitled"
  • Watkins, Ben E. "Untitled"
  • Watkins, Ben E. "Untitled"
  • Watkins, Ben E. "Untitled"


  • Reidy, Kim "Artwork"
  • Colonna, Judith "The two Types of Pillows"
  • Kupka, Rebecca "Liquid Assets"
  • Johnson, Peter "Some Getting Used To"
  • Kupka, Rebecca "Through the Eyes of the Old"
  • Plant, Robert W. "Gregory's Brother"
  • Nunes, Kelly "Untitled"

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Spring 1995





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