The Alembic


Spring 1996


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Spring 1996. 249 pages including covers and advertisements.


  • Perel, Jane Lunin "The Fall of Leningrad"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Zelda"
  • Tamminen, Suzanna "True Stories"
  • "Collins, Martha "Entrance"
  • Collins, Martha "Not Yet"
  • Mullen, Laura "Long Coat"
  • Mullen, Laura "Western Civ"
  • Matthews, WIlliam "Bird Lives, or So Say Thousands of Graffiti"
  • Tapscott, Stephen "Abundance"
  • Tapscott, Stephen "The Last Judgement"
  • Tapscott, Stephen "Oysters"
  • Kleinschmidt, Edward "Triage"
  • Kleinschmidt, Edward "No"
  • Crinnin, Gerry "Final Exam"
  • Crinnin, Gerry "Night Photography"
  • Ali, Agha Shahid "Ghazal"
  • Adamo, Ralph "A Jazz Festival Couple, 1995"
  • Glancy, Diane "Sketchy Goings"
  • Berger, Donald "Elizabeth"
  • Berger, Donald "Apology Two"
  • Berger, Donald "At the Back of the Book"
  • Herbert, Mary Kenner "On the Limits of Education"
  • Herbert, Mary Kenner "Falling Star"
  • Katz, Rita "Baptism"
  • Jordan, Ray "Noctuary"
  • Jordan, Ray "Ichnogram"
  • Jordan, Ray "Removable Death"
  • Nowak, Mark "Untitled"
  • Rimbey, Ann Giles "End Notes"
  • Rimbey, Ann Giles "Medusa"
  • Bunch, Richard Alan "Mozart by The Sea"
  • Lisk, Thomas David "Biology Interview"
  • Larson, Rustin " Imitations"
  • Rowe, Christy Ann "Washing Day, South Java"
  • Rowe, Christy Ann "Kalika, Nepal"
  • Miller, Ben "Tiny Tales of Mayhem, Madness, and Murder
  • Nelson, Paul "Sacrifice"
  • Nelson, Paul "Deflections"
  • Gemmell, Stanley "6"
  • Gemmell, Stanley "9"
  • Waldman, Ken "The Den, February"
  • Marsocci, R. F. "Praying to Saint Anthony"
  • Cooperman, Robert "The Apocrypha - Adam Mourns"
  • Cooperman, Robert "Chocolate Cake"
  • Rubin, Larry "Concentric Circles Rise, Converge"
  • Avula, Kavita "Charro"
  • Avula, Kavita "The Cheater"
  • Johnson, Brian "Self-Portrait with Thunderbird (1976)"
  • Johnson, Brian "Self-Portrait in the Tub, or Gloxinia"
  • Kaplan, Janet "The Bridge of Sighs"
  • Piorek, Erin "Sunset in Monterey"
  • Piorek, Erin "Daughter"
  • Southard, Megan "Lament"
  • Southard, Megan " Dirge From Liberia"
  • Daly, Daniel "Hokusai Answers"
  • Privatera, Rodolfo "Unique Night"
  • Privatera, Rodolfo " Agenda"
  • Pulido, Blanca Luz "Reader in Shadow"
  • Granados, Fernando Ruiz " Rotation of Signs"
  • Colome, Pura Lopez "Untitled"
  • Gaspar, Leigh "Green"
  • McDonald, Elizabeth K. "Intrusion"
  • Brewer, Gay "Morning Verses"
  • Brewer, Gay "Horns Forward"
  • Shipley, Vivian "All-State"
  • Shipley, Vivian "Charlie's at the Wire Waiting for You to Sleep"
  • Shipley, Vivian "Visiting with James Merrill at his Grave"
  • Lynskey, Edward C. "In Ankara"
  • Palmisciano, Ann Marie "Make-up"
  • Palmisciano, Ann Marie "Cutting the Fingernails on the Right Hand"
  • Jordan, Irene "Bolshoi Petroleum"
  • Healy, Patrick "Bubbler"
  • Norman, Margaret "Capsule"
  • Brock, Angier "How They Treated Depression and Other Objectionable Behavior"
  • Nugent, John "Examiner No. 62"
  • Murawski, Elizabeth "The Letter"
  • Moses, Debra "Sundresses"
  • Mahan, Allen "Adventures in the White Room"
  • Wright, Izzy "Nightmares of a Man Asleep on a Couch"

Special Section

  • Rudman, Mark "Mixed Messages"


  • Piehler, Jennifer "Holy Solitude"
  • Piehler, Jennifer "The Cross that Guides Us"
  • Piehler, Jennifer "Death by Dance"
  • Piehler, Jennifer "Cool Waters"
  • Piehler, Jennifer "Untitled"
  • Fitzgerald, David "Untitled"
  • Fitzgerald, David "Untitled"
  • Fitzgerald, David "Untitled"
  • Gorman, Erin "Untitled"
  • Gorman, Erin "Untitled"
  • Whalen, Erin "Untitled"
  • Whalen, Erin "Untitled"
  • Whalen, Erin "Untitled"
  • Irvine, Michelle "Untitled (figure)"
  • Irvine, Michelle "Untitled (head)"
  • Irvine, Michelle " Untitled (flower)"


  • High, John "Morning Baptism"
  • Kennedy, Thomas, E. "The Foot of St. Catherine"
  • Healy, Patrick "After the Shot"
  • Christmas, Rick "First Step"
  • Nugent, John "Chakachsh"
  • Brendan-Brown, Sean "Nowhere When it Burns"
  • Healy, Patrick "Buddies"
  • Gars, Iris "A Dancer's Bequest"
  • Nugent, John "Letter to Asher #3: Gumpisms are for Wusses"
  • McNulty, Ellen "Blood is Thicker Than Water"
  • Fallon, Siobhan "Oracle"
  • Schofield, Asher "It Was a Very Grey Day"
  • Bastian, Kim "July 1995, Montgomery County, Alabama"
  • McFarland, Ron "In the Weight Room"

Essays & Reviews

  • Hopkinson, Jean "The Forest"
  • Trudeau, Nicole "On the Verge: Emerging Poets and Artists"
  • Bastian, Kim "Chickamauga"
  • Miller, Kristin "Girl Interrupted"
  • Robertson, Ray "City of God"


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Spring 1996





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