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Spring 1998


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Spring 1998. 157 pages including covers and advertisements.

Table of Contents

  • Kostelanetz, Richard "From 1001 Concise Contemporary Ballets - IV"
  • Frey, Ramon "Basho's Cup"
  • Frey, Ramon "A Visit to Brautigan's Grave"
  • Romeo, Robin "The Moth"
  • Levine, Robert "The Wound"
  • Drew, Kevin "In Memory of Dear Old Dad"
  • Drew, Kevin "At the End of the Day"
  • Kenney, Brian "The Powers That Be"
  • Marshall, Mary "Alcoholic"
  • Burns, Michael "Willy Ballard"
  • Burns, Michael "In Another Time"
  • Meier, Richard "Yellowstone"
  • Hall, Michael "Midnight Psalm"
  • Jordan, Ray "Foretaste"
  • Rudman, Mark "The 'Real' Revolt"
  • McHugh, Janet "The Lavender Earring"
  • Gizzi, Michael "What a Half-Man in Highland Dreams of"
  • Roderick, John M. "Dog Day Afternoon"
  • Roderick, John M. "Old Friends"
  • Roderick, John C. "Gifted"
  • Roderick, John C. "Angel: A Dishwasher"
  • Roderick, John C. "Kissing Potion"
  • Dalton, Aimee "Ecstasy for Sale"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Broken Drums"
  • Earl, Martin "Saint Sebastian"
  • Earl, Martin "Rostock"
  • Hopkinson, Jean "Back Home"
  • Hopkinson, Jean "Isaac's Suicide Note"
  • Walsh, Anne "Child of Eve"
  • Riley, Michael D. "Stone: Near the Rosses, Donegal, Ireland"
  • Pace, Joel "Tenemos Sed"
  • Conboy, Shannon "Performance Art"
  • Conboy, Shannon "Over-Tipping"
  • Duehr, Gary "Poetica"
  • Duehr, Gary "Why Nothing May Be Told"
  • Lacavaro, Anthony "Love Is In Our Blood"
  • Stewart, Frank "A Guide to Musical Styles II"
  • Stevens, James Thomas "Sustaining This Massive Shade"
  • Vivenzio, Laura L. "Zenith Boy"
  • Todd, David "Mornings Imprisoned: A Dream"
  • Todd, David "A Day in the Clinic"
  • Flanagan, Sheila "Resolutions"
  • Gemmell, Stanley "Dead Poem"
  • Gemmell, Stanley "Intercom to Your Heart"
  • Dokey, Rick "The Rooster and Her Husband"
  • Hadrovic, Philip "Untitled"
  • Perchic, Simon "*"
  • Lynskey, Edward C. "Back at Link Wray's Shack"
  • O'Neil, Amy-Elizabeth "Rites"
  • Levin, Dana "Flesh Field"
  • Nonaka, Miho "Winter 1990"
  • Malito, Giovanni "Overland"
  • Perrow, Michael "After a Routine Day"
  • O'Brien, Mark "Due to Sunday"
  • Kelley, Michael J. "Untitled"
  • Torra, Joseph "Green Lines"
  • Condon, Liz "Woman"
  • Southward, Megan "Birthday"
  • Toomer, Jen "Unfasten"
  • Nelson, Gale "Gonemore"
  • Crowe, Brian "View Finder"
  • Grey, John "Way of Loving Me"
  • Niditch, B.Z. "The Sixties"
  • Marshall, Mary "A Night Like Last Night"


  • The Risk of His Music by Peter Welter, reviewed by Mary Marshall
  • In Another Place Not Here by Dionne Brand, reviewed by Lori McCrevan
  • At the Site of Inside Out by Anna Rabinowitz, reviewed by Brian Crowe
  • The Silhouette of the Bridge by Keith Waldrop, reviewed by Mary Pat Phelan
  • An Appreciation of Laura Mullen


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Spring 1998





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