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Spring 1997


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Spring 1997. 310 pages including covers and advertisements.

Table of Contents:

  • Gander, Forrest "The History of the Ruling Class"
  • Gander, Forrest "Differing Qualities of Light"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Knocker to the Sea"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "the History of My body"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Leaving Dorchester"
  • Haslett, Adam S. "Reunion"
  • Mercurio, Michael "Untitled"
  • Smith, Bruce "In the Empire of Love and Treachery"
  • Piehler, Jennifer "Dachau's Horror"
  • Saad, Kathy "Shame"
  • Saad, Kathy "Blood Born Pathogen"
  • Saad, Kathy "Su Corazon"
  • Saad, Kathy "Untitled"
  • Saad, Kathy "Untitled"
  • Saad, Kathy "Untitled"
  • Mitchell, Peter "Untitled"
  • Mitchell, Peter " Untitled"
  • Peterson, Paulann "Reprieve"
  • Peterson, Paulann "Migratory"
  • Peterson, Paulann "Narrative Description, Imaginative Leaps"
  • Johnson, Brian "Tarzan's Swing"
  • Miller, Ben "Tiny Tales of Mayhem, Madness, and Murder"
  • Rochefort, Alexis "In Frigid November"
  • Rochefort, Alexis "Living Vietnam"
  • Rochefort, Alexis "In Your Good-Bye Dream"
  • Flanagan, Sheila "Self-portrait as San Diego"
  • Flanagan, Sheila "Tylenol PM"
  • Stewart, JR " A Lakota Woman Speaks to a Corpse on the Seventh Calvary During the Evening of June 25, 1876"
  • Stewart, JR "Boomer"
  • Stewart, JR "Stuff"
  • Gies, Martha "Readiness"
  • Rector, Liam "Careering"
  • Roderick, John M. "Clotheslines and Baseball"
  • Roderick, John C. "Red Puddle in the Corner of a Howard Johnson's Painting"
  • Roderick, John C. "A Football-shaped Note From Kim Guimelli in Fifth Grade Math Class"
  • Stafford, Kim "Singing Bowl"
  • Stafford, Kim "Le Vagabond Immobile"
  • Johnson, Peter "The Millenium"
  • Ali, Agha Shahid "First Day of Spring"
  • Herbst, Julie "She Became Death"
  • Hopkinson, Jean "Tokyo"
  • Hopkinson, Jean "Whistling and Wandering"
  • Hopkinson, Jean "Purple Grass"
  • Sholl, Betsy "Blues is My Companion"
  • Sholl, Betsy "Halfway"
  • Sholl, Betsy "Under Song"
  • Sholl, Betsy "Fine Arts"
  • Kennedy, Thomas E. "Anniversary"
  • McDonald, Walt "Going Home"
  • McDonald, Walt "After Sixty"
  • Southard, Megan "With Less Glory"
  • DeWinter, Corrine "The Romantic and the Damned"
  • McIntyre, Carolyn "Like Sap"
  • Mahan, Allen "Adventures With No TV"
  • Lisk, Thomas David "In the Pink House"
  • Marx, Doug "In the Heaven of Working Class Hands"
  • Marx, Doug "September"
  • Marx, Doug "The Midnight Choir"
  • Pace, Joel "En Miguel Es Paz"
  • Elegant, Linda "Villanelle: Virginia Woolf and I"
  • Baker, Joshua "Harvest Moon Now, Then, Lost"
  • Schiff, Jeff "My Son Dreams of Lucre"
  • Shaw, BT "Licking County, 1931"
  • Cooperman, Robert "Auliqaq, Banished From His Clan, Confronts the Marooned Crew of the Discoverer"
  • Cooperman, Robert "To Take Her Pain"
  • Condon, Liz "... and I have"
  • Condon, Liz "Noticing"
  • Condon, Liz "Powder Blue Soup"
  • Albrecht, Laura "White Out"
  • Albrecht, Laura "3,000 Watts Blown"
  • Trimble, Anmarie "Ouija Flood"
  • Trimble, Anmarie "Ode to My 216th Egg"
  • O'Connor, Deidre "Caretaker's Song"
  • O'Connor, Deidre "Fools"
  • Gridley, Sam "A Special Night With Johnny"
  • Johannsen, Dreya L. "The Drawing"
  • Johannsen, Dreya L. "City"
  • Gottlieb, Arthur G. "Apparitions"
  • Gottlieb, Arthur G. "Farmer's Daughter"
  • Gregoire, A. William "Balance"
  • Cutrone, Kimberly "Seven in a Circle"
  • O'Brien, Mark "Negro Sol"
  • Addonizio, Kim "Domain"
  • Moritz, AF "Passing the Torch"
  • Moritz, AF "Science of Limits"
  • Moritz, AF "Ballad of the Sparrow and The Goddess"
  • Shutz, Lacy L. "Years From the Last Time We Spoke"
  • Shutz, Lacy L. "Triptych"
  • Palmiciano, Ann Marie "cutting the fingernails on the right hand"
  • Thomas, Amy E. "Runaway"
  • Thomas, Amy E. "Interruption"
  • Bischoff, Claudia "Visitant"
  • Bischoff, Claudia "Open Casket"
  • Bischoff, Claudia "Foraging"
  • Murawski,Elisabeth "Tea Ceremony"
  • Palmieri, Scott "Sunday Morning"
  • Palmieri, Scott "Six O'Clock Shift"
  • McHugh, Janet "Clara Jenkins"
  • Yachtisin, George "Imperative"
  • Shipley, Vivian "Barbie, Madame Alexander, Bronislawa Wajs"
  • Browning, Sarah "This Bed"
  • Almond, Steve "Practical Applications"
  • Coyle, William Patrick "Independence Day, Bayside, Queens, 1964"
  • deNiord, Chard "Winter Roses"
  • deNiord, Chard "Petroglyph"
  • deNiord, Chard "Buck"
  • Glazer, Michele "Seizing the Storm"
  • Glazer, Michele "Weather"
  • Glazer, Michele "You"
  • Provost-Landrum, Quigley "Day of the Dead"
  • Provost-Landrum, Quigley "Cicada Wake"
  • Brady, Philip "Lagos"
  • Kenney, Adam "I Love My Dad!"
  • Brewer, Gay "Sleep, Extinction, Early Light"
  • Montgomery, Judith H. "This is the Time We're Going to be Dying"
  • Montgomery, Judith H. "Night Journey"
  • Phiuphonphan, Viradeth "Along the Mekong"
  • Waldman, Ken "In Isolation"
  • Crinnin, Gerry "Reliefs"
  • Barresi, Dorothy "At the Posh Salon Called Ultra"
  • Barresi, Dorothy "For Dante, at One"
  • Barresi, Dorothy "To the Place of Unhurried Goodbyes"
  • Lowell, Joshua "Still Movement Today"
  • Lowell, Joshua "Christina's World?"
  • Collins, Martha "Then Again"
  • Collins, Martha "Common"
  • Collins, Martha "Evens"
  • Lynskey, Edward C. "The Next Running of the Blue Tics"
  • Grinnell, Claudia "The Memory of Words"
  • Rorher-Dann, Mary "Holdings"
  • Rorher-Dann, Mary "Mayflies Spawning at Hardees"
  • Brendan-Brown, Sean "No Memory of the Bomb"
  • Wheatcroft, John "Miss Emily's Rose"


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