The Alembic


Spring 2000


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Spring 2000. 106 pages including covers and advertisements.

Table of Contents:

  • Smith, Bruce "Letters to ED"
  • Smith, Bruce "At the Grave of Polyneicies"
  • Smith, Bruce "Dancer in Montana"
  • Cleave, Ryan Van "The Velcro Queen"
  • Hoyt, Don "On Mount Sano in the Quiet above Huntsville"
  • Levine, Andes "Andes"
  • Levine, Andes "Henri of Hoboken, an Epic"
  • Suarez, Virgil "Women Who Carry Water From the River"
  • Suarez, Virgil "The Lure of Mexican Vampire Movies"
  • Suarez, Virgil "Miami Beach, 1999"
  • Suarez, Virgil "Mediterranean Fruit Fly"
  • Suarez, Virgil "Nada"
  • Farley, Matt "A Break-Up"
  • Terrill, Matt "Mississippi Backwards"
  • Neely, Mark "Prologue"
  • Bland, Celia "The Word Made Flesh"
  • Bland, Celia "For Agamemnon"
  • Bland, Celia "The First Wife"
  • Daniels, Jim "Take That"
  • Friedman, Jeff "Manifest Destiny"
  • Lee, Colleen "Femininity"
  • Lee, Colleen "A Schematic of What Is To Be Done"
  • Giest, Ellen "Things I Have"
  • Doyle, James "There's Nothing in the World That Doesn't Grow Smaller"
  • Johnson, Peter "Samuel Johnson"
  • Duehr, Gary "From Night"
  • Duehr, Gary "Roman Holiday"
  • Delaney, Corey "A Monologue"
  • Scalzo, Thomas "The Anthill"
  • Murwaski, Elizabeth "Chicago Spelling Bee Championship"
  • Doreski, William "Contoocook Elegy"
  • Seydel, Mimi "Greener"
  • Dolin, Sharon "Japanese Beetles"
  • Dick, Jennifer "Off the Map"
  • Waldner, Liz "Sidewalk, Dark Woods"
  • Waldner, Liz "Deuxième Lecon"
  • Waldner, Liz "The Ballad of Barding Gaol"
  • White, Andrea "Bumpkin Shopper"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Art History"
  • McCrorie, Edward "Charmed Circle"
  • Keene, Lori "Breaking and Entering"
  • Stein, Donna Baier "The Darkness of your Back Pocket"
  • Breary, Susan "Mountain Velvet"
  • Breary, Susan "Velvet"
  • Guenther, Peter "Cover Photo"
  • Guenther, Peter "Untitled"
  • Carter, Devin "Slide 1"
  • Carter, Devin "Slide 2"
  • Carter, Devin "Slide 3"
  • Costa, Gianna "Night"


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Spring 2000





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