The Alembic


Spring 1999


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The Alembic - Spring, 1999. 132 pages included covers and advertisements.

  • Suarez, Virgil "San Lazaro's Procession"
  • Cleave, Ryan G. Van "Enlightened One"
  • Cleave, Ryan G. Van "Wallace Stevens as Metaphor"
  • Arroyo, Rane "The Book of Reinaldo vs. the Rat Poison"
  • Smith, Bruce "Outside The Bronx House of Detention"
  • Smith, Bruce "Ashland"
  • Smith, Bruce "Troubadours of The Late Twentieth Century"
  • Smith, Bruce "Betrayed, La Reve, Dizzy Gillespie"
  • Smith, Bruce "In The Valley of Too Much Rain"
  • Crymble, Phillip "Bureau"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Laps"
  • Sanders, Tony "Winter Borough"
  • Sanders, Tony "The Shore"
  • Niditch, B.Z. "Judy At The Punchbowl"
  • Cox, Julie A. "Perorations"
  • Harrod, Lois Marie "The Heart at Midnight"
  • Harrod, Lois Marie "Story, Wyoming"
  • Harrod, Lois Marie "The Trail from School House Park"
  • Marcus, Morton "In The Praise of Toilets"
  • Marcus, Morton "The Moment After"
  • Marcus, Morton "Quartet, in A Minor Key"
  • Kealey, Joy "Visitor"
  • Kealey, Joy "Apparitions"

Art & Photography

  • Glyder, Kimberly "Untitled"
  • Glyder, Kimberly "Untitled"
  • Glyder, Kimberly "Untitled"
  • Glyder, Kimberly "Untitled"
  • Aho, Erik "Heavy Snow Cloud"
  • Aho, Erik "Full Summer"
  • Aho, Erik "Corcomroc Abbey"
  • Aho, Erik "Provincetown Pier, Dusk"
  • Aho, Erik "Ostrobothnia"
  • Aho, Erik "Old Victorian"
  • Aho, Erik "Low Dusk Clouds"
  • Cohen, Brian D. "Gulf Memo"
  • Cohen, Brian D. "Train Wreck"
  • Cohen, Brian D. "Train Wreck"
  • Cohen, Brian D. "The Wood"
  • Friedman, Jeff "My Father out of the Wind"
  • Estrella, Debra "The Old Man: A Neighbor"
  • Feeder, Linda "All's Fair"
  • Cooperman, Robert "Auction at the former Northern Michigan Asylum"
  • Thomas, Amy "At the Marché"
  • Dudley, Ellen "Call to Watch Hill"
  • Dudley, Ellen "Equinox - New York"
  • Glenn, Amanda "Leslie"
  • Refrigeri, Rand "Gorge"
  • Refrigeri, Rand "Thought Soliloquy of a Drunken Doorman"
  • Refrigeri, Rand "Upon Meeting Lester Strong"
  • MacLain, Paula "Less Naked"
  • MacLain, Paula "Efficiency"
  • Tracy, John "The Religious Figure of Importance"
  • Tracy, John "Scenes of Transportation"
  • Johnson, Peter "Costa Rica"
  • Johnson, Peter "Tokyo"
  • Johnson, Peter "Greenland"
  • Estrella, Debra "O largo, by Manuel da Fonseca (A translation)"

Reviews and Essays

  • Construction of the Self: An Analysis of "Crusoe in England" reviewed by Talia Denasi
  • Snake and Bake: The Poetics of Ray Gonzalez reviewed by Forrest Gander
  • Human Rights by Joseph Lease reviewed by Ted Pelton
  • Viper Rum by Mary Karr reviewed by Michael Kerns
  • Contributors Notes


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Spring 1999





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