The Alembic


Spring 2001


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Spring 2001. 176 pages including covers and advertisements.

Table of Contents:

  • Anselmo, Jamie "Attacker"
  • Argento, Joanne "First Harvest"
  • Argento, Joanne "The Bellfounder"
  • Bakewell, R.J.G. "Justice"
  • Berkey-Abbott, Kristin "At the Museum of American Folklife"
  • Brewer, Gaylord "Myth and Miracle"
  • Brewer, Gaylord "Provisions"
  • Brassard, Gwendolyn "Anne Carson's Glass, Irony and God"
  • Brooks, Charles Edward "The Shop WIndow"
  • Coalter, Jocelyn "Freedom"
  • Cochran, Leonard "On the Occasion of my 100th Birthday Party"
  • Cochran, Leonard "Wings"
  • Cushing, Brian J. "Pig"
  • Daley, Brian "Moments of Pure Religion"
  • Danesi, Talia "Bedtime Stories"
  • Danesi, Talia "everything permissible"
  • Danesi, Talia "Haggis"
  • Danesi, Talia "Turkeys"
  • Davis, Jennifer "What's Real, What's not"
  • Duehr, Gary "Eartha Kitt at the White House"
  • Duehr, Gary "Object Lesson"
  • Ferreira, Neal "I Hear You Langston Hughes"
  • Ferrucci, Pat "A Christmas Carol"
  • Finkelstein, Caroline "There was no Umberto Eco in my Life"
  • Gernes, Todd "Nothing to Celebrate: A Prose Collage"
  • Glenn, Amanda "Horse Barn"
  • Glenn, Amanda "Orkney"
  • Gibbons, JoLee "Cutting Hair"
  • Grey, John "An Effort to Remember"
  • Johnson, Peter "Cannibals"
  • Johnson, Peter "Love Poem"
  • Kane, Mike "Your Hometown"
  • Lisk, Thomas David "In a Bedouin Bed"
  • Marcus, Morton "Words Before Sleep"
  • McAllister, Katie "Cyclic Assurance"
  • McCrorie, Ted "Cascade"
  • Moretti, T.J. "Magic Box"
  • Murawski, Elisabeth "Two Geese in a Man-Made Lake, mid-March"
  • Nonaka, Miho "The Market Place, Patzcuaro"
  • Nonaka, Miho "What I Wish"
  • Noonan, Dan "Love is a Cigarette"
  • Pedi, Danielle "Fall"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Buna"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "No Less Rose"
  • Rawson, Eric "As If Music"
  • Rawson, Eric "Expression of the Parts at the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles"
  • Rawson, Eric "Los Angeles Morning"
  • Rawson, Eric "Still Life"
  • Smith, Bruce "Chaste"
  • Smith, Bruce "Lustral"
  • Smith, Bruce "Push"
  • Spock, Judy "Keys"
  • Spock, Judy "Litchfield"
  • Suarez, Virgil "Borroto, Singer of Decimas Guarijas"
  • Suarez, Virgil "For Chato Who Dreams of Chevy Impalas"
  • Suarez, Virgil "I-5 Freeway"
  • Tabak, Jess "A matter of time, a matter of place"
  • Tavares, Ralph Jr. "A-3949, Franz Steiner"
  • Baker, Jim "The Vision of St. Hubert"
  • Longmire, Kaitlyn "Untitled"
  • Curtis, Lynn "Flatlands"
  • Curtis, Lynn "Babar"
  • Bourgea, Nicole "Untitled"
  • Driscoll, Laurie "Untitled"
  • Narloch, Molly "Untitled"
  • Landry, Patrick "Untitled"
  • Thornton, Sheree "Dream"


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Spring 2001





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