The Alembic

Volume II, Number 9 - June 1922


Volume II, Number 9 - June 1922. 101 pages including covers and advertisements.


  • Walsh, John P., "Our Ship"
  • Dillon, John E., "A Plea for Censorship"
  • Creaby, Jack, "Blush"
  • Tierney, Wm. J., "The Pre-Medical Class"
  • McAvoy, Francis S., "En Avant"
  • Mulcahy, J. A., "The Sower"
  • Walsh, J. P., "Education in the United States"
  • Dwyer, Francis L., "No! Never!"
  • O'Gara, Joseph P., "The Junior Class"
  • Lynch, James F. "'There's Nothing New'"
  • Shunney, John H., "The Worker is teh Winner"
  • McCabe, Frank J., "The Sophomore Class"
  • Farrell, Howard J., "The Bat"
  • Dwyer, Francis L., "June Nights"
  • Curran, Robert E., "The Freshman Class"
  • Walrus, "Said the Walrus to the CArpenter"
  • Editorials
  • Palmer, John D., "Dad"
  • Nugent, Lewis M., "Dramatics"
  • Heffernan, Fred W., "The Rocker"
  • Redmond, Paul J., "Read 'Em and Weep"
  • McKenna, John B., "Athletics"