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In the Palm of His Hands


In my work, I explore a topic that generates a never-ending series of questions for me: my faith. People hold so many various personal beliefs according to their faith. For one to believe so strongly in something and be able to place all of their trust in their faith when they have no certainty is fascinating. One message that I connect with immensely in my faith was delivered to me through a song called “On Eagles’ Wings.” This song resonates with me because it reminds me that even though unexpected things happen in life, God is always watching over and holding me in the palm of His hands.

Through my faith, I have come to realize that I cannot live according to my own plan that I imagine in my head, but rather live by what God has planned for me. In this way, I am placing my life in His hands. We have no control over what is in store for us, so it is better to let go and let God. I feel a sense of protection in His hands. Drawing these hands in my works larger than life symbolizes the strength and power that the almighty God embodies. They are gentle yet strong. I chose to give the hands a sculpture-like appearance as if I could feel the power in His hands. I feel comfort knowing that God has a plan for each one of us.

My work is made using the simple drawing materials of paper and charcoal. When I work, I touch the paper directly with my hands and use charcoal as my eleventh finger. Having hand-on-paper contact allows me to dive directly into the drawing and transfer the image in my head onto the surface. I leave a trace of myself through the fingerprint marks in the charcoal. I aim to elicit an emotional response from viewers with my drawings; if a viewer can connect an aspect of the drawing with something in his or her own life, and if this results in an emotional shift, then I have succeeded