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Hide and Seek


I see myself as an analyst of my surroundings. I have a predisposition for noticing and appreciating miniscule details in life. Consequently, I take photographs and make digital drawings of found objects that possess textured qualities. Whether walking to class, waiting for the train, even sitting in my kitchen at home, texture is everywhere.

My collages are meant to avoid fixity; but most especially, my collages are meant to confront the notion of abstraction and reality. Through digital imaging, I alter reality by manipulating the color, light and detail of an object at close range. To me, abstraction is a complete departure from reality, yet reality requires creative interpretation and expression. I feel that as an artist I put my creative spin on my observations while being true to the source. I want my viewers to think of memories of specific locations when viewing my work; I want my work to be seen as a unique entity to each individual. My intention is to magnify all of the tiny, insignificant details that very often go unnoticed yet still deserve our appreciation.