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Commencing with the characteristics of my self as an only child, a distance runner, and an heir to my father's nomadic behavior, I have become interested in developing a further concept of self based on our capability to form our knowledge and interpretation of the world to our being. The experimentation with time and perception through the use of the camera has become my obsession. I want to create balance and repose through my work, challenging the perception of what it is that we know. My challenge is to create work that maintains these consistencies yet renders subject matter in a way that is foreign to the viewer. I attempt to develop a unique language for visually interpreting our surroundings.

My pursuit is to convey to the viewer a sense of loneliness and isolation through the lack of obvious human inhabitation juxtaposed with certain products of humanity:

A lighthouse, the methodically arranged boulders of a pier, or the pylons remaining of a disused wharf.

A bridge, a buoy left to dance backward and forward in the current, or a stream of traffic on a distant highway.

These are all visual elements communicating quietude and balance alongside the alienation of the subject matter.

Time is a multifaceted element of my work; it is used both in technique and in subject matter, but its presence is most important in the viewing of my work. My prints capture lengths of time in a single frame, allowing time to be compressed into a still image. In time-lapse video, time distends wherein thousands of snapshots are played back to create a large-scale video projection.