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Through my body of work, 60, I aim to convey my confusion of learning a new style of photography along with the uncertainty of identity. The confusion of what is going on in the photograph coincides with the unfamiliarity of the camera and the more general disorientation of everyday life. My photographs question different methods of photography through the use of an old process while also questioning the term “portrait.” Working with a camera that has been surpassed and forgotten about has allowed me to keep the process alive. A large format camera enables me to have more freedom in creating the image I want by giving me clarity and manual control while leaving some elements to chance. When I set up a double exposure, I do not know what the actual image will look like because I cannot see it at the moment of capture. By double-exposing a single negative sheet with two portrait images, I am combining and comparing two identities. The works I have made confuse the eye and the mind, reflecting the ideas of questionable identity and what it means to take a portrait.