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The Auto Show


I intend to create an auto show displaying the various cars of my own design. The palette of colors and the mosaic surfaces give the cars more personality and also emphasizes the various characteristics of the car that make it a unified whole. Overall, my work combines my interests in both automotive and digital imaging to portray the cars as works of art, rather than just a means of transportation.

I would like to show that every automobile has its own unique personality, because each car has a distinctive shape, color, height, engine design, gear ratio, driving wheel, and a million other details. Cars have for me another characteristic: they are everyday objects that I want to turn into pieces of art.

As someone who loves going to auto shows and admiring the different cars, I am interested in understanding the different layers of each one, and the functionality of each car. A car is a work of art, an architectural masterpiece on wheels. We are often asked the question: Does the form follow the function? Every car has a unique design. Every detail no matter how small has a purpose. If we just consider the function of a car, it is meant to help people get around. Every car can do that, so why are there so many different models? The answer is simple. A car reflects its owner’s personality.