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Through my work, I would like to show that even though we are our own individuals, we are also all part of a global culture. As a Chinese American, I am part of a community in which Kung Fu is prevalent and I have spent a great deal of time studying it, along with many of my family members and friends. I believe that Kung Fu is a unique way to bridge cultural gaps; it aids in a mutual understanding in a way that language often fails to do. It is an art that is able to cross existing cultural barriers through practiced movement and shared experience. Photography, like Kung Fu, requires discipline and determination and the achievement of excellence through resilience and fortitude. Both forms of art teach the body and mind to work as one.

Each photograph explores a unique Kung Fu form. They portray the intensity and the clarity of each of the forms in juxtaposition with a background that is meaningful to each person. The backgrounds symbolize a place that defines them as an individual today. The poses are the pivotal points of a much longer form that they have worked to perfect.Each subject wears comfortable clothing of their choosing instead of traditional garb. These modern clothes contrast with the ancient traditions of Kung Fu and bridge the time gap, showing that Kung Fu is an enduring art form that has touched the whole world.

Kung Fu and photography are methods of communication. They provide alternatives to the spoken or written word, and a way of uniting many different lives and backgrounds without fear of a communication barrier.