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Kinetic Meditation


My goal as an artist is to produce work that is compelling as well as tranquil, that invites exploration and immersion. There is a certain familiarity that is portrayed by my work: the marks often reference environmental forms such as leaves, twigs, roots and branches. However, I purposefully paint in an ambiguous fashion, leaving the mind open to wander in a dreamlike state.

I want to connect to the energy found in nature by implementing two types of painting languages. The juxtaposition between the serenity of pouring paint and the sharp kinetic energy of my hand-drawn marks creates a balance in the composition. The combination of mark making puts me in a meditative state where everything is connected as if it is one continued journey.

Having traveled to both China and Japan has influenced my painting both visually and conceptually. The cultural depth in both countries is accompanied by a balance between the old and the new. Seeing an ancient Japanese temple, completely surrounded by the modern city of Tokyo initiated my interest in duality. Achieving this harmonious balance is what I strive for in my work. I want the viewer’s gaze to seamlessly wander from an energetic mark to a temperate area of paint, enjoying the visual engagement and allowing the mind to slip into the same meditative state that I enter during my own process.