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When I began this project, I was equipped with an extensive Photoshop vocabulary; I decided that my thesis would involve expanding this vocabulary and establishing new personal ways of making an image. My goal is to create a body of work that cannot be replicated on any other platform. I use color, texture, shape, line, and layering to showcase Photoshop and my firm grasp of the program. My work has seen many transformations, and this is where the success of each piece lies. I have always been attracted to the ability within Photoshop to infinitely edit and layer my projects. This process is unique to Photoshop, and allows me to convey a sense of energy and movement throughout my work. My work aims to intrigue, and invites a viewer to investigate each piece further. As a result of this work, I feel as though I have created new textures and color combinations that make me see Photoshop as an artist’s tool as opposed to a photo editing software.