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Living on an island, I am fortunate to be immersed in nature and surrounded by many different bodies of water. The ocean, rivers, and bays of Long Island are a huge part of its beauty. This environment influences the content of my work and inspires the process I use to create it.

After years of visiting and photographing my favorite beaches on Long Island, I have collected numerous images of this unique environment during many different times of the day and seasons of the year. Before creating the digital drawings in Photoshop, I look through all of my photographs and choose ones that I think will be the most interesting to work on. I look for features like an abundance of rocks, trees, and sea grass, waves and ripples in the water, colorful skies and various types of clouds.

In Photoshop I copy textures, colors, and shapes that occur naturally within the trees, waves, and sand, and layer them on top of the photograph, slowly making the original disappear through this repetition. I make eraser marks and draw on the photographs, creating new textures while also enhancing the natural ones, I do this to ensure there is a balance between the new and natural marks. I then make a canvas that goes beyond the photograph to reveal the marginal markings of the many layers I made during my process.

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