Subject Area



Major: Health Policy and Management
Minor: Italian and Studio Art
Faculty Mentor: Professor James Janecek, Art & Art History

For my independent study, I used Photoshop extensively. The software allows me to use digital imagery to maintain a specific color palette that translates to the time of day. This color theme is extracted from my personal photographs of favored landscapes, after which I build in layers to create whimsical landscapes. They are whimsical for their non-uniform distortions of perspective and viewing angle, a combination that is amplified by the painterly application of color. Technology allows me to paint, cut, collage and repaint shapes in a way that I could not with physical paint. Technology also creates a specific illusion because these colors are associated more with impressionism than with computer software. I use technology and color to create visualizations of landscapes that are in a “dream-like” state, producing an environment that is unknown yet possibly very familiar. The viewer is invited to find their own sense of placement within these unconventional landscapes. With the addition of personal experience, they can interpret whether they are viewing a fantasy or an ominous nightmare.


Providence College



Start Date

4-22-2020 12:00 AM








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