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Shannon Maguire ’22, Major: Biology
Michael Yarrows ’22, Majors: Biology and Health Policy and Management
Kathryn Donohue ’22, Majors: Biology and Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pamelas Snodgrass-Belt, Biology

Over the past semester, our team’s research has focused on circadian rhythms in wild type and mutant flies. Circadian rhythms, our body’s internal clock, are the biological processes which regulate the sleep/wake cycle as well as other physiological rhythms in all living organisms. Following a 24-hour light/dark cycle, circadian rhythms influence eating habits, physical activity, and metabolism. An organism’s circadian rhythms can be disrupted by an offset light/dark cycle, food availability, or changes in sleep patterns. In mammals, the region of the brain that controls circadian rhythms is known as the suprachiasmatic nuclei or SCN, while in flies, there is a clock neuron network we will call the master clock.


Providence College



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4-29-2021 12:00 AM






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