Niall McStay ’22
Major: Finance and Accounting

Claudia Capozzo ’21
Major: Accounting

Elizabeth Glidden ’21
Major: Accounting

Brendan Riccardi ’22
Major: Finance and Accounting

DeAvionne Ferguson ’22
Major: Finance and Accounting

Jack Elliott ’22
Major: Finance and Accounting

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christine Earley, Accountancy and Dr. Matthew Keane, Accountancy

This assurance service addresses the issue of fake online reviews. For instance, online reviews have become less credible due to comments by the company or its competitors. Our solution was to design a software through which Deloitte can provide a service to non-audit retail clients. This software will verify whether or not the reviews left on a product are credible by using Blockchain technology. This technology will assure that companies can provide their consumers with accurate reviews of the product, which will ultimately benefit the consumer, the non-audit retail client, and Deloitte.


Providence College



Start Date

4-22-2020 12:00 AM






Included in

Business Commons



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