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This small pamphlet contains not only Pope Benedict XV’s celebratory letter to the Order of Preachers on its 700th hundred anniversary, but also two letters by the Master General of the Dominican Order, Father Louis Theissling, O.P. The first letter by Father Theissing, addressed to the Dominican Order in general discusses the date, December 22, as the formal day of celebration as well as urging the Dominican community that they should not neglect the observance.

Father Theissling’s second letter, also addressed to the whole of the Order of Preachers, is a letter of encouragement, exhortation, and blessing for the Order to continue its mission of education and preaching of the gospel.

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Letter of Pope Benedict XV To The Most Reverend Father Master Louis Theissling, Master General of the Dominican Order, On the occasion of the Seventh Centenary of the Confirmation of the Order