Submissions from 2014


Cluster M Mycobacteriophages Bongo, PegLeg, and Rey with Unusually Large Repertoires of tRNA Isotypes, Welkin H. Pope, Kirk R. Anders, Madison Baird, Charles A. Bowman, Michelle M. Boyle, Gregory W. Broussard, Tiffany Chow, Kari L. Clase, Shannon Cooper, Kathleen A. Cornely, Randall J. DeJong, Veronique A. Delesalle, Lisa Deng, David Dunbar, Nicholas P. Edgington, Christina M. Ferreira, Kathleen Weston Hafer, Grant A. Hartzog, J. Robert Hatherill, Lee E. Hughes, Khristina Ipapo, Greg P. Krukonis, Christopher G. Meier, Denise L. Monti, Matthew R. Olm, Shallee T. Page, Craig L. Peebles, Claire A. Rinehart, Michael R. Rubin, Daniel A. Russell, Erin R. Sanders, Morgan Schoer, Christopher D. Shaffer, James Wherley, Edwin Vazquez, Han Yuan, Daiyuan Zhang, Steven G. Cresawn, Deborah Jacobs-Sera, Roger W. Hendrix, and Graham F. Hatfull

Submissions from 2012


Characterization of a Reductively-Activated Elimination Pathway Relevant to the Biological Chemistry of the Kinamycins and Lomaiviticins, Seann P. Mulcahy, Christina M. Woo, Weidong Ding, George A. Ellestad, and Seth B. Herzon

Submissions from 1993


Hepatic lipase treatment of chylomicron remnants increases exposure of apolipoprotein E, Dawn L. Brasaemle, Kathleen Cornely-Moss, and André Bensadoun