Creative Writer's Festival 2017
Friday, March 17th
Saturday, March 18th
7 PM

THE IDEA OF YOU by Julia Zygiel

  • Directed by Jonathan Coppe
  • Man: Brian Kozak
  • Woman: Sabrina Guilbeault
  • Location: in front of Bowab Studio Theatre doors

  • RED SHEETS by Maggie Burke

  • Directed by Sabrina Guilbeault
  • Woman: Jennifer Dorn
  • Location: Lower Lobby (near stairs)

  • STAY by Gabriella Sanchez

  • Directed by Gabriella Sanchez
  • Woman: Sabrina Guilbeault
  • Location: Ground floor landing, near Music wing

  • WHOS LOOKING BACK [EXERPT] by Veronica Murphy

  • Directed by Gaby DeParis
  • Maggie: Veronica Murphy
  • Reflection: Amanda Piechota
  • Location: TBD

  • ARIADNE by Jonathan Coppe

  • Directed by Thomas Edwards
  • Narrator: Jonathan Coppe
  • Nigel: Dan Carroll
  • Woman: Gabriella Sanchez
  • Location: Greenroom

  • MELODY FALLING by Molly Turban

  • Directed by Jonathan Coppe
  • Woman: Julia Zygiel
  • Location: Alcove leading to Scene Shop

  • CARROTS & CAPRI SUN by Hannah Allbright

  • Directed by Sabrina Guilbeault
  • Cast: Mireya Lopez and Julia Zygiel
  • Location: Main Lobby


  • Creative Writers Festival Curator: Dave Rabinow
  • Managing Director: Jimmy Calitri
  • Department Chair: Dr. Wendy Oliver
  • Technical Director: George Marks
  • Assistant Technical Director: Trevor Elliott
  • Administrative Coordinator: Ali Boyd
  • Production Office: Susan Werner
  • House Managers: Joanna McDonough and Emily Clark
  • Poster & Archive Photography: Gabi Dess


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