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Creation Date

Spring 2018


Creative Writer’s Festival 2018

Friday, March 23rd

Saturday, March 24th


Theatre, Dance, and Film Festival Staff

Creative Writers Festival Curator: Dave Rabinow

Managing Director: Jimmy Calitri

Department Chair: Dr. Wendy Oliver

Technical Director: George Marks

Assistant Technical Director: Trevor Elliott

Administrative Coordinator: Ali Boyd

Production Office: Tami Hinesh

House Manager and Poster Design: Emily Clark

Archive Photography: Gabi Dess

COOKIES by Theodore Kiritsy

Directed by Jonathan Coppe

Starring: Gabby Short, Charlie Seymour, AJ Roskam, & Will Oser

Location: Green Room

WEDNESDAY by Thomas Edwards

Directed by Jonathan Coppe

Starring: Mike Izzo

Location: Room 228

CHURCH RAT by Joseph Fromer

Directed by Daniel Jameson

Starring: AJ Roskam & Alexsia Patton

Location: Lower Landing

(NOT) BAD NEWS by Hannah Albright

Directed by Thomas Edwards

Starring: Sabrina Guilbeault

Location: Lower Landing

CONTROVERSY JENGA by Gabrielle Bianco

Directed by Sabrina Guilbeault

Starring: Carolyn Grandits, AJ Roskam, Ivan Vukusic, & Catherine Brewer

Location: Green Room


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