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Providence College

Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film

A Virtual Event

Premiering October 15, 2020 at 7:30pm

Echoes: Voices from the Void

Featuring works by Kate Chopin, Alice Dunbar Nelson, and W.E.B. Du Bois

Directed by Patrick Mark Saunders & Tobias Wilson

Mackenzie Godley - Stage Manager

Jimmy Calitri - Managing Director of Theatre

Megan Chang - Vocal Coach

Trevor Elliott - Technical Director, Visual Editor

Gabe Luxton - Asst. Technical Director, Sound Editor

Talia Triangolo - Production Office Coordinator

Ensemble: Christina Brewington, Nick Bullock, Alex Canon, Caitlyn Mitchell, Ava Navarro, Analisa Pisano, Isabella Quinson, Madelyn Rich, JacQuán Stanley, Daniel Strother, Princely Tamfu, Katie Vennard, Abdelnasser Zadieyh

2020-2021 TDF Production Season Action Statement

The directors of theatre productions that will be presented this year by the Department of Theatre, Dance & Film at Providence College have committed to opening up space in the theatre season to tell Black centered stories and highlight Black voices in order to diversify our exploration of the human condition. We believe that the arts, and theatre in particular, should reflect and respond to the current activism and raciareckoning in our country.

As we move forward artistically and pedagogically, we are conscious of our responsibility to ensure that there will be a place for artists of color to be seen and heard in the theatre created at Providence College.


Racism is a central theme in the following stories and, as a result, there are examples of racist language throughout these texts. While some slurs have been censored in performance, other words which may be deemed outdated and offensive have been preserved in order to honor the author’s intent and to contextualize these works within the times they were created.

Publication Date

Fall 10-15-2020


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Echoes: Voices from the Void Playbill