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Very Reverend William D. Noon, O.P., second president of Providence College, conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws in a felicitous address in Italian, translated as follows:

Your Excellency, the faculty and students of Providence College, a especially the fifty students of Italian blood, are happy to join with our right reverend bishop, our Governor, our Mayor and the other citizens of Providence, in offering most cordial welcome.

As president of the College it is my very pleasant duty to offer to your excellency, the degree of DOCTOR OF LAWS. It seems fitting that the FIRST DEGREE OF ANY KIND BY OUR NEW INSTITUTION should be conferred upon one to whom not only his own people but the entire world is justly grateful.

The illustrious and heroic General Diaz represents the grand Italian nation, and the intrepid Italian army which saved the world's civilization in that dark moment when it seemed that all was lost. In honoring a hero whom all of us call our own, the College honors itself.