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ca. 1660


Saint Dominic in Soriano by Pedro Atanasio Bocanegra (1638-1688). Painted ca. 1660, this piece in the Baroque style was once part of the Collection of William Coesvelt of Amsterdam. The complete collection was acquired in 1815 by Czar Alexander I (1777-1825) and the painting now rests in the Hermitage Museum.

The painting commemorates the miraculous appearance of a taumaturgic painting of Saint Dominic in the Convent of San Domenico in Soriano Calabria. On 15 September, 1530, three mysterious women appeared a few hours before Matins and one of them entrusted into the hands of the sacristan a roll of canvass to be presented to the House Superior. The friars found out later that the canvass had a painting of Saint Dominic. It was later revealed that the three ladies were in fact the Virgin Mary accompanied by Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Mary Magdalene.

When the picture was exposed to public veneration, a multitude of prodigies took place. No less than 1,600 of these miracles, juridically attested, took place within the space of seventy-eight years. Pope Innocent XII., in the year 1644, granted a festival in commemoration of this event and of the vast number of miracles through this holy painting.