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The Southron Cav

Almost a terror in

Those days. We was only

In that Celebrated Boarding

House Libby 7 days 14 all

Together, from time of being

Taken till paroled. We had

one Small loaf. with a Small Peice

of Beef. and one pint of Soup. for

a days Ration.

We arrived at Annopolis. in

Season. Where we had enough

To Eat and a new out fit.

And we threw away. the

Lice. of the Chivalry. good

Sized ones they was too.

During all this time my

Health was Rather Poor.

While at annopolis. I got

A furlough. and Came home.

And Staid 49 days. and

went back to annopolis.

From this time. I have notes