Copyright and Fair Use of Multimedia Resources


This paper reviews the history and development of copyright in the United States and the formulation of the concept of fair use. It looks at the principle of fair use and its application in higher education, examining the four factors to keep in mind in deciding whether an application is fair use or not. It also examines the development, formulation, and status of the Fair Use Guidelines For Educational Multimedia produced by the Committee on Fair Use. It then considers what is happening on the international front regarding copyright protection and fair use in the digital era. It looks at the provisions of the treaties emanating from the World Intellectual Property Organization, the ratification process, and U.S. legislative efforts to implement those treaties, particularly the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It also provides some resources for educators to consider in deciding whether or not their applications constitute fair use.

Publication Date

July 2000




Printed in Publishing and the Law: Current Legal Issues. Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Information Press, 2001. pp. 27-59.

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