Majors: Music and Spanish
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Monica Simal

After the abolition of slavery on the island in 1886, Black Cubans struggled for equality and a place in a White-dominated society. The twentieth century brought about a deeper exploration of Afro-Cuban culture and identity through several forms of art. This project delves into the music, literature, and art of twentieth century Afro-Cuban artists and examines how they used the arts to communicate their identity to a society in political turmoil. It compares the representation of Blacks and Blackness before and during Fidel Castro’s revolution. The project also explores how the visual arts and images of Blacks in film, and the mass media produced in the last several decades, confront the invisibility of Blacks and blackness in revolutionary cultural production, contesting the ideal of a raceless national identity promoted by the socialist government.


Providence College



Start Date

4-29-2021 12:00 AM








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