The Free Press student newspaper was conceived and published in the Spring and Fall semesters of 1977 as an alternative news source to the Cowl. The brainchild of Providence College student Stephen J. d’Olivera ’78, The Free Press was entirely dependent on student funding and support for its existence. With high expectations, Beth E. Vollano ‘79, the editor of the second issue of The Free Press, loudly proclaimed in an op-ed article , “Our primary objective is that of an additional outlet for expression of student ideas. We are an alternative to the Cowl. We are not in competition with it…“ In addition, Vollano continued to assert “This is our second issue. The paper made its debut last April. It almost died in September but now it is here to stay.” Unfortunately, after publication of the second issue, The Free Press has never been published again.


Submissions from 1977


Volume 1, Number 1 - April 1977


Volume 1, Number 2 - Fall 1977