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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film

Bowab Studio Theatre

Fully Committed

November 14-16

Written by Becky Mode

Directed by Tanner Henry ‘15

Stage Manager: Abigail Henry ‘16

Set Designer: Tanner Henry ‘15

Costume Designer: Jennifer Dorn ‘18

Light Designer: A. Simone ‘16

Sound Designer: Den Williams ‘15

The Cast:Sam Peliczowski – Veronica Murphy ’17; Mrs. Vandervere, Mrs. Winslow, Midwestern Secretary, Carolann Rosenstein-Fishburn, Stephanie, Mrs. Watanabe, Jenny Miller, Mrs. Sebag, Judith Rush, Depressed Secretary, Sarah, Gloria Hathaway, Nancy, Mrs. Inoue, Dr. Ruth Westheimer – Sabrina Guilbeaut ’18; The Sheik’s Right Hand Man, Bryce, Oscar, Bob, Chef, Sam’s Dad, Jean-Claude, Bell Atlantic Recording, Curtis, Dominick Veccini, Hector, Mrs. Buxbaum, Mr. Decoste, Mr. Zagat, Laryngitis Guy, Paramount Lady, Jean-Claude’s Wife, Smarmy Man, Rick from Carson Aviation, Emergency Operator – George Killian ‘15