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The following paper examines the role assault weapons and high-capacity magazines play in mass shootings within the United States. With reference to compelling statistics, the extent to which political ideology impacts decisions on gun reform is assessed. Specifically, the paper recognizes the stark contrast in opinion between Democrats and Republicans on the severity of the problem of gun violence in America; while Democrats identify gun violence as a public health crisis in need of immediate attention, Republicans express their worry that citizens’ freedoms are being violated if stricter reforms are established. Considering the fact that gun violence has remained an issue in America for years, the paper evaluates the effectiveness of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban in alleviating the problem. It is noted that politicians have systematically received campaign contributions from outside interest groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA); the difference in funding to Democratic and Republican candidates is highlighted, while the significance of such distinctions is discussed. Additionally, the paper analyzes the prevalence of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in individual homicides, while outlining the extreme threat they pose to law enforcement personnel. Due to conflicting political visions, the paper stresses the need for bipartisan support to enact any meaningful gun control legislation.


Providence College


Fall 2021








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