Subject Area

Public health; Public policy; Social conditions & trends; Urban planning


Major: Health Policy and Management
Minor: Economics and Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Terence McGoldrick, Theology

The Global Sustainable Aid Project, the nonprofit founded by Dr. Stephen Mecca, has now been placed in the hands of my professor Dr. Terrence McGoldrick. This organization trains workers and students in Ethiopia to build a micro-flush toilet Dr. Mecca designed with some of his students.

This project prioritizes the importance of sustainability and solidarity, two ideals that I have developed a strong passion for during my time here at Providence College. This project allows for low income, developing communities to use local and accessible resources to create a sustainable toilet system that creates a sanitary process for human waste. Not only is the project creating a positive impact on the health of the communities, it is also emphasizing the importance of human beings working in solidarity with one another. The project allows Ethiopian students to learn the production process in order to continue producing the toilets for their communities. Solidarity is not a process of condescending charity. It is a form of reciprocal care in which persons can help one another to create a positive impact.

This organization and what it stands for is a story that must be told. My goal with this project, and working alongside Dr. McGoldrick, is to allow for the work of Dr. Stephen Mecca to live on. I believe that we owe it to him to work to create more awareness to the program and express the importance of sustainability and solidarity. Many students at Providence College are unaware of how this amazing story relates back to a campus that they cherish so near and dear to their hearts.

This project opens the eyes of college students in order to express the importance of global issues through the documentation of the trip’s happenings via writings, photographs, and videos.


Providence College



Start Date

4-22-2020 12:00 AM






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