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Spring 1978


Advertisement for Adrián I. Chávez’ book Pop Wuj. Chávez originally published Pop Wuj in 1979. It was republished in 2008 with illustrations by Diego Rivera. Pop Wuj is a new interpretation of ancient Quiché mythology first translated by the Spanish colonist Father Francisco Jiménez as the Popol Vuh. In the corresponding article Chávez argues that his translation is more faithful to the original story because it takes into account the linguistic system of the Quiché people.

Related article: Issue 7, Un Libro Antiquisimo de America, by Adrián Chávez, pages 83-84.

Link to Book’s Record in WorldCat: (2008); (1979) Inti No. 7, Primavera 1978, p. 85.

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