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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film

Angell Blackfriars Theatre Smith Center for the Arts

The Laramie Project

By Moisés Kaufman and the Members of Tectonic Theater Project

January 27-29 & February 10-12

Directed by Mary G. Farrell

Scenic Design: Joshua Christoffersen

Lighting Design: G. Benjamin Swope

Costume Design: David Costa-Cabral

Sound Design: Chris Warren

Vocal Coach: Megan Chang

The Cast - TIMOTHY BROWN: Doc O’Connor, Moisés Kaufman, Rulon Stacey, Dennis Shepherd, Rob DeBree; EMILY CLARK: April Silva, Greg Pierotti, Catherine Connolly, Stephen Belber, Kristin Price, Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney, Newsperson, E-Mail Writer, Shannon, Kerry Drake, Juror, Moisés Kaufman; MICHAEL IZZO: Reporter, Andy Paris, Doug Laws, Matt Mickelson, Newsperson 4, Bill McKinney, Russel Henderson, Aaron McKinney; TEDDY KIRITSY: Jedidiah Schultz, Stephen Belber, Father Roger Schmit, Phil LaBrie, Aaron Kreifels; DIANE LAMATTINA: Eileen Engen, Amanda Gronich, Marge Murray, Newsperson 3, Lucy Thompson; MIREYA LOPEZ: Zackie Salmon, Barbara Pitts, Romaine Patterson, Jeffrey Lockwood, Governor Geringer, Bailiff, Stephen Belber; DANIEL MUNOZ: Philip DuBois, Greg Pierotti, Stephen Mead Johnson, Judge, Rob Debree, Andrew Gomez, Priest; HONEY PEREZ: Leigh Fondakowski. Jon Peacock, Zubaida Ula, Shadow, Reggie Fluty, Juror; BRITTANY PRICE: Sgt. Hing, Waitress, Minister’s Wife, Sherry Aanenson, Greg Pierotti, Dr. Cantway, Tiffany Edwards, Conrad Miller, Sherry Johnson, Judge, Cal Rerucha, Foreperson; AISLING SHEAHAN: Baptist Minister, Matt Galloway, Newsperson 2, Juror, Russell Henderson’s Mormon Home Teacher, Andy Paris; JULIA ZYGIEL: Rebecca Hilliker, Alison Mears, Trish Steger, Stephen Belber, Leigh Fondakowski, Mudock Cooper, Newsperson

Publication Date

Spring 1-27-2017


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The Laramie Project Playbill

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