The Liberal Arts Honors Program at Providence College provides students of high academic ability and initiative a challenging, rigorous, and in-depth core curriculum. The program aspires to develop students as life-long learners with a broad range of intellectual and professional interests. The program also strives to enrich the cultural and co-curricular experiences of students on and off campus.

Students are invited into the program by the Admission Office on the basis of the rigor of their high school courses, class standing, recommendations, and sample essays. Students not invited initially can apply for entrance at the end of the freshmen year by contacting the director. Honors students are required to take a minimum of six courses in the program: four courses in Honors Western Civilization in the freshmen and sophomore years, a capstone Colloquium in the junior or senior year, and at least one additional Honors course. The papers presented here represent a sampling of the high-quality scholarship completed by students in the Honors capstone Colloquia.


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Spring 2015, British Society and Culture

Spring 2015, Faith and Science

Fall 2014, Storytelling and the Life of Faith

Spring 2014, Dostoevsky

Spring 2013, Kuhn's Philosophy of Science

Spring 2013, Science and Religion