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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film
Angell Blackfriars Theatre, Smith Center for the Arts

Lysistrata: a musical version
April 4-6 & 11-13, 2014
Adaptation by Ellen McLaughlin
Inspired by the play by Aristophanes
Music & Lyrics by Keith Munslow
Directed by Mary G. Farrell
Musical Director: Keith Munslow
Costume Designer: Amanda Downing Carney
Choreographer: Katrina Pavao ‘16
Scenic Designer: Kathryn Kawecki
Lighting Designer: Tim Cryan
Vocal Coach: Renina Flores

Cast: ATHENIAN CHORUS LEADERS - Aubrey Dion, Marisa Urgo; LYSISTRATA – Katrina Pavao; CALONICE – Katcy Stephan; MYRRHINE – Grace Curley; LAMPITO – Joey Macari; DIPSAS – Lindsay Gilbert; ISMENIA – Courtney Olenzak; GEEZERS – Daniel Caplin, Brendan Lynch, Ben Williams; OLD WOMEN – Aubrey Dion, Lindsay Gilbert, Joey Macari; MAGISTRATE – Brian Kozak; BELPHRAGIA – Joey Macari; FISHERWOMAN – Courteney Olenzak; CINESIAS – Daniel Caplin; SPARTAN ENVOY – Brendan Lynch; SPARTAN DELEGATE – Konner Jebb

Photography by Gabrielle Marks