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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance and Film

Angell Blackfriars Theatre


Written by William Shakespeare

April 19-23, 1996

Directed by John Garrity

Scenery and Costumes designed by David Costa Cabral

Lighting designed by Christopher Brown

Fight Choreography by Normand Beauregard

Dance Choreography by Wendy Oliver

Original music composed and performed by Mary Casale

Cast:First Witch – Stacey Lynn Cloutman, Second Witch – Abigail Christian, Third Witch – Stephanie Kraus, Rebel Army – Thomas Gregory Broderick, Kevin Casey, Amanda Blake Davis, Christopher Motta, Karen O’Connor, Jennifer A. O’Donnell, Heath A. Tiberio, Banquo, A Lord – Dan Lesho, MacBeth, Thane of Glamis – Stephen Cabral, Malcolm, Elder Son of Duncan – Brian Patrick Gorman, Duncan, King of Scotland – John J. McNiff, Donalbain, Son of Duncan – Christopher Saulnier, Lennox, A Lord – Stephen Radochia, Ross, A Lord – Russell Berrigan, Angus, A Scottish Noble – Roberta MacIvor, MacDuff, Thane of Fire – Chris Perrotti, Fleance, Son of Banquo – Michael Sablone, Menteith, A Lord – Heath A. Tiberio, Caithness, A Lord – Thomas Gregory Broderick, A Scottish Noble – Kerrie Lynn Diana, Holy Woman – Jeanine Cappello, Lady Macbeth – Megan Gibbons, Messenger – Amanda Blake Davis, Porter – Kevin Casey, Seyton – Stephen Schonhoff, Gentlewoman – Jennifer A. O’Donnell, Servant to Lady Macbeth – Elizabeth Brady, 1st Murderer – Brian E. Canell, 2nd Murderer – Christopher Motta, 1st Apparition – Karen O’Connor, 2nd Apparition – Elizabeth Brady, 3rd Apparition – Amanda Blake Davis, Eight Kings – Jessica Billings, Thomas Gregory Broderick, Brian E. Canell, Brian Patrick Gorman, Roberta MacIvor, Jennifer A. O’Donnell, Christopher Saulnier, Heath A. Tiberio, Lady MacDuff – Beth Ford, Young MacDuff – Ethan Epstein, Soldiers – Christopher Motta and Kevin Casey, Doctor – Jessica Billings, Siward, An English Lord – Christopher Motta, Messenger – Karen O’Connor