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Thursday, April 29th

Aerial Terror: The Shift in American Daylight Bombing Over Europe During World War Two

Joseph Sullivan

American Altruism or State Self-Interest: Understanding the Federalist Fear of State Government

Brigid McEvoy, Providence College

Bringing “Justice to Every Man’s Door” John Jay’s Struggle to Build the Supreme Court

Sean Gray, Providence College

Frederick Douglass on Ms. Lucretia: Two Portrayals of the Same Woman

Christopher Azar, Providence College

From Slave to Man: The Whipping of Old Barney

Nicole Patano, Providence College

Give Peace a Chance: Responses to the Vietnam War on Catholic College Campuses

Elizabeth Gleason, Providence College

“Putting Himself Back in the Narrative”: The Evolution of Frederick Douglass’ Account of Learning to Write

Madison Palmieri, Providence College

Re-Thinking Pandemics: State, Society, and Disease in British History, 1830-1960

Meghan Walsh, Providence College

Reagan’s State of Grace: J. Peter Grace and the Effort to Cut Government Expense at the Public’s Expense

Kevin Michels, Providence College

Soaring with Eagles: The Life and Legacy of Janina Lewandowska, The Only Female POW Killed in the Katyń Forest Massacre

Joshua Chlebowski, Providence College

Spymaster of Setauket: The Impact of Benjamin Tallmadge and the Culper Spy Ring on the American Revolution

Kyle Burgess, Providence College

The Displacement of Nineteenth-Century Ideals of Womanhood as Seen by Portrayals of Young Women in Short Fiction Stories in Collier’s Magazine from 1902-1924

Patricia De Haven, Providence College

The Impact of Decriminalizing Marijuana in Rhode Island on the Number of Narcotic Related Arrests and Quantities Seized

Michaiah Kojoian, Providence College

The Legion of the Archangel Michael: Past and Present Appeal of Decentralized Fascism

Andrew Gillen, Providence College

The Perfect Tree: The American Chestnut Tree in American Culture, Economics, and Science in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

Sarah Heavren, Providence College

Waning Imperium: Valentinian I’s Projection of Power

Philip Piscopo, Providence College