2013 Symposium on Peacebuilding and Justice

The 2013 Symposium on Peacebuilding and Justice is presented by Providence College, with the generous support of the US Institute of Peace Public Education for Peacebuilding Support Initiative and Pi Sigma Alpha, and in cooperation with Brown University's Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Center for Mediation, Peace, and Resolution of Conflict (CEMPROC). It seeks to raise awareness on campus and in the broader community about the challenges, complexities, and possibilities of peace and social justice in a globalized world. By hosting internationally-recognized speakers to share their experiences and insights about the dynamics of conflict, democratization, and change in Chile and the Middle East, the symposium offers a platform to integrate cutting-edge scholarship and the perspectives of leading practitioners with engaged student learning. Former President Ricardo Lagos of Chile will offer the Ed Cleary, O.P. Memorial Lecture entitled, "Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Democratization in Chile," while Dr. Marc Lynch of George Washington University will give a keynote address entitled, "After the Arab Uprisings: Prospects for Democracy or Instability." These talks will be complemented by presentations and public posting of student research on the online symposium portal, a negotiation skills training workshop culminating in a simulation based on contemporary turmoil in Egypt (in cooperation with CEMPROC), and an interactive dinner seminar with Dr. Ruth Ben-Artzi entitled, “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Implications for Regional (In)Security.” These different events will help to highlight some of the challenges facing peacebuilders who attempt to construct a new political system in the aftermath (or in the midst) of violence and revolution. At the same time, they will identify some promising models and best practices based on success stories that have brought healing and social justice to countries that had been plagued by violence.

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After the Arab Uprisings: Prospects for Democracy or Instability; A Lecture by Dr. Marc Lynch
Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Democratization in Chile; A Lecture by Ricardo Lagos, Former President of Chile