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Creation Date

January 2016


Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film

Angell Blackfriars Theatre

Playhouse Creatures

January 22-24 and 28-31

A play by April De Angelis

Directed by John Garrity

Scenic Design: Trevor Elliott

Lighting Design: Jen Rock

Vocal and Dialect Coach: Megan Chang

Costume Design: Amanda Downing Carney

Props Procurement: Tray Gearing

Wig Design: Michael Dates

Sound Design: Dave Rabinow

Stage Combat: Sarah Elizabeth Bedard

The Cast: Doll Common - Diane Lamattina, Nell Gwyn – Katrina Z. Pavao, Mrs. Farley – Emily Clark, Mrs. Betterton – Veronica Murphy, Mrs. Marshall – Amanda Piechota

Photography: Gabrielle Marks