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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film

Angell Blackfriars Theatre

Poor Murderer

by Pavel Kohout

March 30 - April 1 & April 13 - 15, 2012

Directed by John Garrity

Scenic Design: Carl Gudenius & Shuxing Fan

Lighting Design: Tim Cryan

Vocal Coach: David Harper

Costume Design: Kathryn Kawecki

Sound Design: Paul Perry

Choreography: Rebecca Sawicki '14

Cast: Patrick Mark Saunders - ANTON IGNATYEVICH KERZHENTSEV; Kelly Smith - NURSE ANYA; Grace Curley - NURSE BERTA; Kevin Lynch - PROFESSOR DRZHEMBITSKY; Jeff DeSisto - FIRST ACTOR; also: Alexy Konstantinovich Savelyov, Polonius & Hamlet II; Aubrey Dion - FIRST ACTRESS; also: Tatyana Nikolayevna & Gertrude; Ben Williams - SECOND ACTOR; also: Ignat Antonovich Kerzhentsev, Rector, Waiter, Bernardo & others; Marisa Urgo - SECOND ACTRESS: also: Katya, Gypsy Roma, Marya Vassilyevna & others; Emily Zalis - APPRENTICE; also: Flower Vendor & Gypsy; Sean Carney - THIRD ACTOR; also: Dean, Lawyer, Major Count Byelitsky, Gypsy, Kurganov & Claudius & others; Erin Fusco - THIRD ACTRESS; also: Voluptuous Mistress, Irina Pavlovna Kurganova, Countess Byelitskaya & others; George Killian - FOURTH ACTOR; also: Cashier, Newspaper Vendor, Conductor, Gypsy, Francisco, Polonius II & others; Danielle Demisay - FOURTH ACTRESS; also: Slim Mistress, Duchess de Cliché-Turomel, Prologue & others

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Spring 3-30-2012


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