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Thursday, April 29th

Adaptive Coping Strategies may be Associated with Less Perceived Stress Among College Students Living in a Pandemic

Kathryn E. Presley, Providence College
Brooke Vitulli, Providence College
Samantha R. Leavey, Providence College
Elizabeth A. Spahn, Providence College

Biased Perceptions of Women in the Music Industry

Samantha Matzerath, Providence College

Can altering the gut microbiome via diet treat symptoms of major depressive disorder?

Julia DeGrooth

Can Short-Term Diet Change Enhance your Immunological Health?

Maxwell Sinoway, Providence College

Civic Responsibility, Risk Behavior and Covid 19 in Emerging Adulthood

Emily F. O’Neill, Providence College
Gabriella R. Larizza, Providence College
Nina Ngo, Providence College

Comparison of Identity in College Students

Ann Tarah Joseph, Providence College
Amanda I. Imbriano, Providence College
Diolka Rosario, Providence College

Do probiotics maintain gut microbiome equilibrium and provide mental health protection during circadian misalignment in shift workers?

Hanna Johnston, Providence College

Does Methamphetamine (MA) Cause Cognitive and Neurological Deficits? An Ecologically Valid Approach

Claire Stover, Providence College

Early Life Socialization as Impacting Neurotransmitter Concentration and Aggression

Mallory Peishoff, Providence College

Effect of neurosteroid levels, genetic linkages, and pre-deployment virtualreality resilience training on PTSD severity

Kathryn Fama, Providence College

Effect of Pretense on Children’s Risk-Taking Behavior

Sophie Riddick, Providence College

Effects of 3,4-Methamphetamine on Cognitive Empathy in Participants with Antisocial Personality Disorder

Emily Bosiacki, Providence College

Emerging Adults: Parental Marital Status and Attachment on Perception of Romantic Relationships

Caroline M. Verrilli, Providence College
Margaret G. Rock, Providence College
Mia Giselle C. Binuya, Providence College

Examination of NP12 and BDNF nanoparticle combo-treatment as a potential therapeutic for Alzheimer Disease

Dominic Arruda, Providence College

Executive Functioning Early Intervention: How Cognitive Training Can Serve Long-term Benefits for Children with ADHD

Sarah Travers, Providence College

Fact or Fable: The Role of Resilience in the Relationship between the Personal Fable and Depression

Patrick Fuller, Providence College

Family Attitudes Questionnaire

Sophie Sienkiewicz, Providence College

Hippocampal Volume and Working Memory Deficits in Generalized Epilepsy Compared to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Sarah Bica, Providence College

Influencer or Influenced?: Identity and Social Media Use in Emerging Adults

Emilia A. Ronchi, Providence College
Hannah K. Gaumer, Providence College
Patrick Fuller, Providence College

Parental Response to Children’s Negative Emotions as a Mediator between Parental Coping Strategies and Children’s Symptoms of Psychopathology

Brooke Vitulli, Providence College

Psychedelic Therapy as a Treatment for Alcoholism

Trina Lewis, Providence College

Screen Time and The Relationship to Elementary School Children’s Mental Health and Social Skills

Bryn Reilly

Stress Levels in Students with Greater Number of Activities: a Correlational Study

Julia Sinople, Providence College

The Effects of Imagined Contact with Intersectional Identities

Alexandra L. Baker, Providence College

The Impact of Anxiety on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction

Mykala Green, Providence College

The Impact of Long-term Social Housing on Biconditional Association Task Performance and Neuron Ensembles in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and CA3

Anne Dankert, Providence College

The Influence of Polyvagal Theory on Emotion Recognition in Bipolar Disorder

Samantha Sierra, Providence College

The Involvement of PTSD Arousal Symptoms in Declarative and Non-Declarative Memory

Carina Alessandro, Providence College

Theoretical and Practical Implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: A Case Study

Sydney Amaral, Providence College

Use of Stem Cells for Treatment after Traumatic Brain Injury

Shanna King, Providence College

Well-being in College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Erin O. Muldoon, Providence College
Nina Pitre, Providence College
Jennifer Caramanica, Providence College
Annie B. Newbauer, Providence College