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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film
Angell Blackfriars Theatre

Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 & Nov. 6 - 8, 2009
Directed By: John Garrity
Scenic & Costume Design: Sara Ossana
Lighting Design: Christopher Brown
Sound Design: Paul Perry '10
Stage Combat: Normand Beauregard
Choreography: Suzanne Keyes '10
Vocal Coach: David Harper

Cast: Romeo - Brendan Hickey; Montague - Teddy Kalin; Montague's Wife - Kaitlin Fitzsimmons; Benvolio - Sean Reynolds; Abraham - Justin Pimentel; Balthasar - Patrick Fallon; Juliet - Emily Grill; Capulet - Thomas H. Nailor; Capulet's Wife - Samantha Brilhante; Tybalt - Sean Carney; Nurse to Juliet - Suzanne Keyes; Peter - Kevin Lynch; Sampson - John Smith; Gregory - Kevin Collins; Escalus - Peter Cunis; Paris - Tom Cotter; Mercutio - Ted Boyce-Smith; Guard to Escalus - Jeff DeSisto; Friar Lawrence - Alexander MacIntyre; Friar John - Patrick Saunders; An Apothecary - Justin Pimentel; Citizens of the City - Kevin Collins, Jeff DeSisto, Patrick Fallon, Kelly Koeth, Cat McDonnell, Elizabeth McNamara, Justin Pimentel, John Smith & Kelly Smith; Musician - Cat McDonnell

Photography by Gabrielle Marks