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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film

Angell Blackfriars Theatre

Blackfriars Spring Dance Concert 2022

Student Choreographers under the direction of Dr. Wendy Oliver

April 29, Friday 7:30PM

April 30, Saturday 2PM

Choreographers: Dea Ferguson, Katelyn Salvato, Kellie Johnson, Kaitlyn Novarro, Shaila Murthy, Kellie Greene, Ally Lynch, Kenzie Maude, Liz Hawley, Kate Doner, Mollie Giancola, Mary McDonald, Dance Company Seniors

Dancers: Liz Hawley, Kellie Johnson, Olivia Krupa, Ally Lynch, Julianna Martin, Allison Renaud, Kate Doner, Mollie Giancola, Kellie Greene, Katherine Gurley, Bianca LaBella, Bridget Maynard, Katelyn Salvato, Lexi Delano, Mary McDonald, Dea Ferguson, Grace Heffernan, Kenzie Maude, Katie Kudla, Olivia Dailey, Shaila Murthy, Grace McEvoy, Kaitlyn Novarro

Photography by Brad Smith